Figure Fitness

Figure fitness is one aspect of health and competition that places more emphasis on body and muscle tone over muscle size, unlike with conventional bodybuilding competitions. The emphasis on muscle tone is often the main goal of women who prefer the normal muscle tone and appearance as opposed to the large, bulky, and often unnatural-looking muscles and bodies of weight lifters and body builders.

Models in this section of the industry differ from glamor models. They generally appear more fit, with less body fat, compared to most glamor or fashion models, due to the larger percentage of lean muscle mass.

Making a living in this industry

Those who are passionate about being healthy and maintaining a toned and healthy body can make a decent living off the fitness industry. Jobs as physical or gym trainers and fitness experts both online and offline are just some of the jobs that are open for those with a background in health and physical improvement. Experts can create blogs, publish e-books, or become consultants for gym members and other individuals interested in getting expert information about how to exercise properly. Teaching is also another option, although you may be required to obtain a degree in Education or several teaching credits before you are allowed to teach in schools.

Getting noticed by the physical fitness industry online

Promotion is one of the most essential strategies for anybody wanting to build a career in this field. You can create a website, post your name and photograph online through bodybuilding or physical enhancement sites, and dive into social networking. This makes it possible for you to expose yourself to the largest number of people, which is essential if you plan on entering competitions. When it comes to posting your body shots online, experts advise that you pick a picture that best shows off your physique. This includes wearing clothing that reveals your toned arms, chest, shoulders, and tummy area. Waist-high photos are the best for posting on bodybuilding or health forums, websites, or your blog.

Popular competitions

The two most popular competitions open for physical improvement are Figure Olympia and Figure International. There are also other organizations that hold official competitions all over the world, among them IFSB, which plays host to the Ms. Fitness competition held yearly according to the organization's rules and requirements. A full list of upcoming events can be found here: Figure and Fitness Competitions

Resources online

If you are interested in developing a more toned, healthier, sexier body for yourself, you have a lot of resources available to you online. Official websites for exercise abound on the Internet, complete with forums, message boards, advice columns, as well as links to products such as supplements, exercise equipment, competition bikinis, and informative articles on exercise, health, and diet.